Casey Moore helps busy professionals regain control of their work and lives. Through her book, The Productivity Chain, workshops, webinars and one-to-one coaching, she empowers executives, attorneys and others to more effectively apply their time, tasks, talents, and teams to achieve greater productivity and richer quality of life. Her approach is holistic and neuroscience-based. She empowers clients to face stressors and change with resilience and resourcefulness. Her motto is: Spend your time on what matters.™

Casey is Uniquely Qualified
• Professional speaker and trainer for over twenty-five years
• Masters in Communication with emphasis on listening with empathy
• Certified Professional Organizer for twenty years
• Professional Certified Coach and coaching instructor for 13 years

Casey’s summit session “Consider the Big Picture: Context for Managing Tasks & Time” gives you a powerful framework in which to put all the ideas you’ll hear from other presenters. Applying her bold model, The Productivity Chain (, ensures that you grow more efficient in the most efficient way–leveraging your strengths and making laser-focused adjustments in just the right areas. You’ll get the most out of the summit if you watch Casey’s session and keep her big picture in mind!

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