Ayana O is a business coach and mindfulness teacher who uses her education and training in psychology, business administration and mindfulness to help her clients thrive. With over 2 decades of experience her background includes working with Tesla Motors and Kleinwort Benson, she has designed programs on business launching and time mastery that incorporate results-proven methods and mindfulness techniques.

Ayana helps to transition clients from B.O.P.S. (burnout, overwhelm, procrastinating, stressed) to T.O.P.S. (triumphant, organized productive, successful). She also facilities bringing harmony to her clients through the creation of new and more productive habits, a high level of accountability, turning goals and ideas into real results and increase success, through mindfulness.

Ayana has a B.S. in Psychology from The Open University, an M.B.A. in Business Administration (with honors) from the University of Liverpool and a certified Yoga and Pilates Teacher (RYT-200). Learn more by visiting www.ayanao.com and or following Ayana on social media platforms @coachayanao