Art Gelwicks is a collaboration and productivity consultant specializing in personal and professional tools and techniques for being productive. Art has been in the technology field for 30 years, a recurring guest on the ProductivityCast podcast, host of the Being Productive podcast, and author on The Idea Pump productivity blog. Art is also the founder of the largest communities on Facebook for professionals using OneNote, the aptly named “OneNote for Professionals”.

10 Considerations When Working to Improve Team Collaboration

If you are working with a team, odds are how they collaborate can be improved. Unfortunately, there are far too many “quick fix” technologies out on the market failing to deliver on their promises of improved collaboration. What if the problem isn’t the technology at all?

In this session I’ll be reviewing ten important points to take in consideration when striving to improve your team collaboration. These are ideas that work regardless of the technology you have chosen and can make a significant impact in a short period of time.

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