Time Management isn’t always about Time

Join Alison to learn what may be getting in the way of the benefits of the time management solutions you have invested in and tried . Then learn how to apply an 8 step framework to create a more successful time management outcome in the future.

A former Division 1 swimmer and retired triathlete with a 30-year record of success helping giants like Intel and EMC plus seven startups resulting in six exits, Alison empowers Tech Executives, Leaders, and Aspiring Leaders to “Dare 2 Be” Peak Performers by mastering communication, time and impact.

Always a trailblazer, Alison received her Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering at a time when women with those degrees were rare. She started her career as an engineer before moving to sales, marketing, management, and leadership.

Competitive swimming at an elite level taught Alison that real growth happens by pushing outside your comfort zone; a principle she applied throughout her career and now with her clients. Supporting individuals to achieve their Personal Best is simply what she does best.

In addition to being a certified Executive Coach, Alison has been an analyst for a Venture Capital firm doing her best shark tank impression as well as consulting tech companies in their sales and marketing strategy.

Alison is a facilitator for the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit, an Advisory Board member of several tech companies, and a trainer, mentor and advisor to several startup accelerators.

Learn more about Alison and her work at www.idare2be.com. or https://www.linkedin.com/in/alison-arnoff/