Thanks for coming to find out more about speaking at the Time Blocking Virtual Summit 2020.

At this point, you may be thinking about speaking, and here are some details that may help.

The Facts

The summit takes place on March 5-7, 2020 in a completely online environment. Anyone in the world can access the event from the Internet on their laptop, tablet or phone. Registration is free for all sessions up until 5pm on Sunday March 8th, the day after the event.

Participants will be encouraged to upgrade to an All Access Pass giving them permanent a lifelong, permanent link to all content.

Furthermore, everyone who attends, presents or exhibits will be invited to take up a complimentary membership in the Mighty-Taskers online community.

Your Opportunity

You’ll be part of the team helping to create a unique, memorable experience for people who do time blocking. Our intent is to make it transformational – forever altering the way attendees relate to their calendar and their time, and also to others who use the technique.

As you know, this will probably be the first time they are meeting other time blockers. If you are selected to be a presenter, they will be relying on you to help them achieve some of their most important goals. As such, they’ll probably come to see you as a thought leader in this space as a result of your contribution, rather than lumping you in with all the others who have done posts on time blocking.

This can help you build your business by adding followers and earning from them via affiliate sales of All Access Passes, making a special offer and offering a post-summit training, coaching or masterminding for a fee. Our community platform allows this to happen seamlessly so none of it feels like a struggle.

Plus we introduce you to other experts via our Presenters Lounge so you can build long-term partnerships and never feel as if you are missing out what’s happening in the industry.

Don’t miss this special opportunity. Develop a topic with our help by understanding the flow of summit activities and themes that run through the event or by checking out the list of recommended topics.

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