Long-time executive recruiter Carol Maloney Scott has had an itch to start her own business for years. But the idea of letting go of her full-time, well-paying gig was just too much of a leap to take.

Until it wasn’t. In 2019, she decided the time had come to step into her future. Her business, Career Happiness Map Coaching, guides people who feel stuck in the wrong career to forge a path to a happy working life.

“Life is too short for the wrong work,”” says Carol insists. “With 20 years of experience in corporate talent acquisition recruiting, training, and coaching, I am uniquely qualified to lead others in designing the Career Happiness Map of their dreams and living it into reality.”

What’s more, she holds a master’s degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and is a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with the Career Coach Institute.